The Look Show: Why Barbie Would Love To Sit Front Row

I write this competition entry sat on my new bench in my garden, a bench that I have dedicated to my dear friend Sam, that if it ever stays dry longer enough to paint will be a wonderful shade of forget-me-not blue. I only mention this as it totally reflects my summer, it hasn’t been great, I have lost a dear friend to a brain tumour, I am at a turning point in my life with regards to my career, and it seems that my blog Fashionista Barbie is all that seems to get me through at the moment, that is the power of fashion.

Fashion for me hasn’t always been about being the most stylish, because quite frankly I am not, I can recount many outfits over the course of my life that would most certainly make the worst dressed list:  my customised denim jeans at uni where I extended the flare and decorated them with stars *very Dolce & Gabbana*; my tie-dyed leggings that I frequently wore as a 10-year-old in my defence they were from my hippy mum; the all-over camo mini that I insisting on wearing to sixth form *slutty must have been in during the 90s*; and the too many occasions I wore cropped silk halterneck tops flashing my navel *body may have rocked then – but makes me sad-looking back at pics*. But what I take from all those styles is that fashion gives you the power to express who you are, it allows you to keep on reinventing yourself.

Fashion for me is more about who I am, and who I want to be. Fashion allows and accepts the weirdest of quirky folk like me to take part, I might not be the prettiest, stylish or even the skinniest but unlike what people think fashion isn’t a cold-hearted place, this is an industry that seems to welcome people with passion no matter how they look. I know most people will disagree with that statement and say it is an industry filled with pretty people, well of course, but it is also an industry that respects and delivers people’s fantasies and dreams.

I am engrossed by the passion of this industry, over the past couple of years I have met some fabulous designers, fashion bloggers and some crazy-loving publicists that on occasion have scared me with what fashion means to them; but no matter what, fashion for me delivers a conversation, whether it is commenting on not liking or how you would wear it, or even how striking something is, fashion is about personal opinion and that is why I love it so much. It is also why I love blogging so much.

To love fashion you have to accept that not everyone will like what you design/write/style/photograph *delete as appropriate*, not everyone will understand it, some people might even hate it, but what you can take away is that people will respect you more for putting yourself out there and showing who you are. I have to admit that at present my confidence is rock bottom, I even nearly didn’t post this entry like last year, but if what I feel about fashion is correct then people won’t judge my opinion but will respect and engage their own.

One thing I know for certain is fashion is a strong emotion, just remember the last outfit that you wore that made you feel so special, fashion can give you a boost when you need it most, and I am hoping that this Look competition is the boost I need!!

I have to admit I have been lucky enough to sit front row at a catwalk show, and it was one of the best feelings ever. Being so close you can touch the clothes as they come down the runway is such a rush, and I would so love to be at Westfield Stratford City reporting live for one of my go-to magazines Look.

At least with my last-minute entry I don’t have long to wait to see if I am one of the lucky five as the results are in August 22. If you have also entered good luck and hopefully I will see some of you there *fingers crossed*!!

  • temporarysecretary

    I saw your tweet saying you’re worried about this – you should be really pleased, it’s great, and good luck! Well done x

  • Danielle Wightman-Stone

    thank you so much for saying – my confidence is at an all time low so I seem to panic about doing everything and anything lately. I do feel better now I have posted though x