Aug 15 2011

London Loving: Drink, Shop and Do

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Last week when it seemed a small majority of Londoners were intent on destroying the city, I discovered another reason why I love London, with the discovery of the amazing Drink, Shop & Do near Kings Cross.

Located in an old Victorian bathhouse, this cool shop-cum-cafe-cum-crafty place is the perfect place to hang out with friends, enjoy a milkshake, pick up a few bits in the shop, or even try out a new craft. What I can’t believe is that I hadn’t been to this cute place before, apparently all bloggers know about it except me it seems!!

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The design shop and cafe is run by two friends Kristie and Coralie and they’ve created an eclectic mix of vintage tea sets, quirky pictures, unusual table and chairs, designer crafts, gorgeous looking handmade cakes *wished I had time to taste*, and the most delicious strawberry milkshake I have tasted in a long while.

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Absolutely everything you see is for sale, and of course I couldn’t leave without picking up something, so I bagged a few badges *yes I am addicted* and some sweets *ate so quickly I didn’t have chance to snap* as they have one of the best selection of retro sweeties I have seen.

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I wish I had longer but I was rushing off for my train, but I think next time I might try to get my friends together to take in a craft session, they do beginners knitting once a month. They also do a killer cocktail as well so maybe the next venue to catch-up with the girlies.

Also check out their website for the latest events – I am quite intrigued by ‘Play With Clay Lionel Richie Style’ on August 26, where you get to mould clay while listing to Lionel classics!!

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Drink, Shop & Do: 9 Caledonian Road, London, N1 9DX
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