First UK Campaign: Barbie Hits The Red Carpet

Apparently this is Mattel’s first UK-specific brand campaign for Barbie, I know crazy right, but it seems the global company wants to build Barbie’s relationship with girls of the UK, finally.

The first of the two campaigns created by ad agency Ogivily, in which it attempts to revive the doll’s ‘cool factor’, showcases what looks like a Fashionista Barbie *not me, the doll line* as a celebrity walking the red carpet, with Ken trailing behind.

I suppose it is a great move to make Barbie a celebrity as it seems everyone is obsessed with the celeb culture, but it also shows Barbie as a superstar, which I kind of approve of as she is!!!

This campaign is aimed at 4-9 year old girls, which is fine and all, so then why are all the screams coming from women in their twenties?

What I love is that with this advert I have hope that more than just Fashionista Barbie’s hit the UK stores, maybe once in a while we might get an exclusive, and I seriously hope the prices might reflect that of else where in the world.

I also love Barbie’s two-tone sequined gown, very glamorous, and kind of reminds me of my Heidi Klum Barbie. Also the tagline is perfection, ‘you can’t get bigger than Barbie’, which is very true!!

This advert hits TV’s last weekend, and the second spot, the salon, features Barbie being pampered by her stylist, hits screens next spring. I just hope the campaigns work and girls of Britain embrace the wonders of Barbie!!