AW11 Press Day: Uniqlo The Art Of Science

I have had these pics from the Uniqlo for a while now, to be honest I completely forgot about them as I did a post on the Save Japan t-shirts and the rest of the pictures were left untouched. But I just had to share as the concept of the press day was an art installation and a science lesson all rolled into one, an education on Uniqlo’s technology for autumn/winter.

#1 Ultra Light Down

This collection is amazing for people like me who are generally always cold as each garment is made from 90% pure goose down and 10% feathers. I am talking padding and warmth without the bulk, yes you can wear padding without looking like Michelin man, as there are styles that are fitted for a great silhouette. The line features gilets, jackets, parkas and coats from £39.90 in a gorgeous selection of colours, of course my favourite was this pink one *looks more red in this pic though*.

#2 Heattech

This is the science lesson that fascinated me most, as the Heattech functional fashion is made from milk protein fibres, I know crazy right but apparently they help to lock in the heat. I love a basic layer, and this line is great for wearing on their own or layered, oh and they are super soft. There are lots of different styles and cuts in a range of colours, and prices start from just £9.90. When I saw the collection it reminded me of my ski base layers but with a lot more fashion, as you can get really nice striped ones.

#3 Denim

I have to admit I have never thought about getting denim from Uniqlo, I don’t really have a reason why, but I am definitely going to have to give it ago for my up-coming denim challenge. This installation was my favourite as it could easily double as piece of modern art, and all it is overlapped jeans.

I loved the fact that the women’s jeans have an emphasis on ‘shape, cut and design’ for the perfect fit, and will have to put the line to these to the test. I am also intrigued by the pair which uses Heattech, this could be a great idea for added warmth during the winter months. Prices start at £39.90.

#4 Cashmere and Merino

Knitwear for me is one of the reasons I shop in Uniqlo, it is always such amazing quality and most of all they do such great winter staples in amazing colours. For this autumn/winter they have a colour spectrum of 25 shades, from pastels and jewel tones to bold primary colours like this pillar box red. Choose from over five different wools, cashmere, merino, lambswool, merino cashmere and new light wool, which has the most gorgeous over-sized smock styles.

I do love it when brands take me on a journey for their press day, I loved what Uniqlo did, and I even came away with a little science knowledge!!