Jul 20 2011

Bag Loving: The Mulberry Small Polly Push Lock

mulberry polly small Bag Loving: The Mulberry Small Polly Push Lock %tag

I think everyone I know has a Mulberry obsession; I have to be honest I would rather work a Marc Jacobs or a Rebecca Minkoff handbag, or in my dreams a vintage Chanel quilted number, but this new Polly Push Lock might just be about to change all that.

Don’t get me wrong I see the beauty of the Mulberry Alexa and Baywater, but when everyone else wants it or has it, the hype really does turn me off. What I love about the Polly Push is its Seventies glamour, with its shiny grain and satchel shape, it has a vintage touch about it that really would go with anything, add into the mix an oversized Polly Push Lock fastener and rounded leather handles and I am completely sold.

I know what you are all going to say it is very similar to the Neely, I know, part of the same family apparently, but I like the compact glamour of it. Over recent years I have gone bigger the better, but I am considering that less is definitely more when it comes to investment designer pieces, also it is definitely going to be cheaper!!

It comes in three different colourways, my favourite being Midnight (pictured), closely followed by Pumpkin and then Conker *what cool names*; and priced at £695 it isn’t ridiculous in the grand scheme of a designer handbag. I think I still might need a rich Prince or a cull of all my treats for the next few months to be able to afford it. But hey, one can dream, and everyone can certain look.

If this is too small for you, it also comes in a larger size in the same colours, priced £850, as well as a smart tote, priced at £895 (below).  But I do love this dinky version, perfect for a night out.

mulberry polly push Bag Loving: The Mulberry Small Polly Push Lock %tag

What do you think? Does this Mulberry have investment written all over it?

pixel Bag Loving: The Mulberry Small Polly Push Lock %tag