Jun 15 2011

Jewellery Loving: Maggie Angus – Night Life

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I rave a lot about jewellery, it is because you don’t have to be skinny to pull off a necklace or a bracelet, and I am an avid fan of Anna Evan’s label Maggie Angus. If you have been under a rock and haven’t seen my previous blogs let me quickly bring you up to speed, Maggie Angus is a playful and quirky British jewellery label that turns Anna’s doodles into gorgeous perspex pieces, and I just love it!!

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I loved the spring/summer 2011 Viva Del Mar collection, with its Studio 54′s disco cool vibe, and I initially fell in love with the label with its AW10 collection filled with vintage dresses, shoes, and perfume bottles, but I have to say this is the best collection from Anna Evans I have fallen in love with it all.

For autumn/winter 2011, all the pieces are inspired by the wonderful world of nocturnal woodland critters, full of bold silhouettes of bears, foxes, deer, owls and my favourite the squirrel.

I kind of feel like this piece was made for me, not only is it a squirrel I am kind of obsessed, I loved the squirrel jumper at Matalan, but it is also in navy my colour of the moment. I just adore how this navy squirrel perspex piece with its star cut-out detailing works against the silver chain – simply perfection, and I have most certainly added this to my wish list. Did I mention the best bit? This Squirrel Necklace is only £24.99. Yep, one of the best bits about Maggie Angus is the price nothing in the collection is more than £40!!!

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I also love all the black glittered pieces, which really does reflect the mysterious nature of the night sky, how amazing is the Ursula Great Bear Necklace – so gorgeous and it comes in two sizes: small, £24.99 and large, £29.99.

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I love how striking this Wild Fox Head Necklace, £24.99.

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Maggie Angus isn’t all about necklaces there are also statement rings, bracelets and brooches.The Wild Fox Ring, £12, and my fav the Owl’s Head Ring, £12, above are great additions to any outfit, and there is also a bear and squirrel ring in the collection.

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How cool is this Blue Owl Brooch, £26.99, it also comes in a clear perspex but I love the impact the blue one makes. I love how brooches can jazz up any outfit, add to a blazer for an instant refresh or tack to your handbag for a cute accessory.

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It wouldn’t be a delve into night without a few animal tracks, how amazing is this Animal Print Bracelet, £22.99, which comes with matching earrings and a necklace. Normally I wouldn’t suggest wearing together but I actually think it would look cool, also this is a great alternative to wearing animal print clothing, as I don’t know about you it just doesn’t suit me, that is why jewellery is perfect.

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From the animal life to their tracks in the dark the collection also features this starry Cosmic Bib Necklace, £34.99, and updated Aztec pieces, especially loving this Aztec Wild Bracelet, £23.99.

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The AW11 Night Life collection goes live on Maggieangus.com from July 1, which pieces do you have your eye on?

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  • Sue

    Wow!! Absolutely love this collection – can’t wait for 1st July – may buy myself a belated birthday present!!!!