Blogger Event: Tabio Brings Out The Flashdance In Me

Last Thursday I was invited by the lovely Lois aka Bunni Punch to Tabio’s first bloggers event at their High Street Kensington store. I have to admit that I didn’t know too much about Tabio before this event, except that I thought they were a Japanese version of the Sock Shop, which I use to splurge in at Euston train station on my many trips back home to Manchester.

How wrong I was, Tabio is much more than just funky coloured socks and novelty items, they sell the most comprehensive array of ankle socks, leggings, tights, leg warmers, footsies, stirrups,  and seriously every part sock you can think of: toe, ankle, heel and thongs.

This shop has crazy amount of choice that it was very hard to pick out my favourite piece as a gift *I know so, so lucky*. I loved all the tights, especially as the staff looked so amazing wearing them, the cute ankle socks that I wish I could brave with wedges without looking silly, chunky socks that looked so comfie and warm, but in the end I decided on these cool preppy leg warmers – I really am excited experimenting with them.

As well as my free gift I also was lucky enough to receieve these ankle socks in my goodie bag, maybe they knew that I needed to be a bit braver with my style, so I am certainly going to give socks with sandals a go. But what did make me smile so much was the gorgeous Japanese fabric wrap, such great presentation.

I think most bloggers went for one of the many ankle cuffs that the store has to offer. You name it they have it – bows, ribbon, frills, sparkly lace, pom poms, and corsage bands; seriously cool pieces to jazz up any outfit. Still unsure how to wear these? Then you have to check out Bunni Punch’s ultimate guide.

As well as enjoying all the amazing socks and leg warmers it was nice to catch up with my fellow bloggers: it was amazing being with my partner in crime the lovely Carina, who picked out the cutest ankle cuff accessories; Sarah aka essbeevee who went for some dotty tights, which I have to admit I was so tempted by; and also nice to see Jazmine and Really Ree; as well as meeting Zoe, Laura *check out the piccie of me, I actually look good – this a shock I am not photogenic*, and Helen.

Thanks Tabio for the invite, it was a perfect night of shopping, networking and most of all fun!!!

One last thing I have to share has to be this quirky Tabio Slide Show, which was showing in the store. If you have already seen it – how amazing is it – I seriously want to buff up my wooden floors now and slide around!!!


  • Carina100

    I wore my new black bows with heels on Saturday and everyone LOVED them! Cx

  • Fashionista Barbie

    So jealous I kind of wish I have got the bows now