Video Loving: Kate Moss Gets It On With A Rabbit

I have been holding onto this video  for a while as I thought it was perfect for Easter Sunday, mainly because Kate Moss dreams of bumping ugly’s with a rabbit. This is one serious weird advert starring the supermodel for Chilean fashion brand Basement, which I can only guess was Easter themed *but seriously I just don’t know*.

The concept behind the advert is to become part of the ‘Dream Collection’ by Basement – I am not sure when getting Kate Moss to dance in her underwear with a guy wearing a huge rabbit head, which to be honest is kind of scary, came from, but hey maybe that is what everyone dreams of in Chile.

I am also slightly confused by Kate’s closing comments, “good luck”, maybe to figure out why she did this, or even to understanding the commercial. I am just going to file this one under random Easter-related fashion-meets-weird.