LFW AW11: Prophetik – Artist Wonderment

It has become part of my London Fashion Week routine, that the season doesn’t really begin until I take in the amazing spectacular that comes with American ethical brand, Prophetik.

The autumn/winter 2011 collection, opened with the gorgeous and very talented violinist Analiza Ching strutting her stuff up the catwalk, alongside award-winning British composer and conductor, Benjamin Ellin and his orchestra. All shows really should be like this with live music, drama, and of course amazing clothes.

From what started the show to the finale gown, a gorgeous hand-sewn eco-chic wedding dress, in white silk adorned with ostrich feathers, simply stunning. If I ever become a bride I seriously want the talented Jeff Garner to work his magic on a fairytale gown for my big day.

This collection was all about Jeff following his ethical roots, inspired by the courts of Louis XV, with long flowing gowns, billowing arms, jackets, corsets and the most amazing ornate recycled patchwork quilting I have seen.

Jeff used 100-year-old patchwork quilting, which was handed down to him from his great grandmother Lola, to adorn pieces in the collection, a highlight being these jackets. The detailing in both is exquisite and looked amazing up close, I seriously want this coat, it kind of reminded me of a little red riding hood jacket.

I loved everything about this collection, especially the all-natural plant derived autumnal colour palette. I loved the hues of black, deep scarlet, pewter, burgundy and plum, it really did create a warm feel to the line that Prophetik is known for.

As always it was the dresses that caught my eye, from the stand-out bridal gown, to the heavy draped silhouettes incorporating regal fabrics into the collars, cuffs and corsets, they were so many pieces which had great drama. This gown above was one of my favourites, the full sleeves, the printed cuffs, the deep scarlet hues, and the gorgeous draping.

I also thought that this was the first time that I saw a lot more wearable, daywear pieces in a Prophetik collection. From the chic white dresses, to the blouses and crop trousers, they really were a great addition to this dramatic collection.

However, one of the pieces that has to be mine come autumn is this scarlet red jacket. I love everything from the colour to the turn-over cuffs, the gold miltary-style buttons and the amazing kick of the sihouette.

Once again I was spoiled seeing this extraordinary collection up close from the front row. It is always one of the shows I look forward to with good reason. Before the show I came in through the back and wandered backstage, and there was Jeff calmly styling a model, while showing me the way to the foyer. Everything about what Jeff stands for, is what fashion needs, I just hope one day I am able to get my Prophetik moment in one of his gorgeous gowns.

Prophetik AW11 edit from VAUXHALL FASHION SCOUT on Vimeo.