Cover Loving: Vickie B Goes Casual For Vogue UK

Pic: Vogue UK - February 2011

Well we all saw it first via eBay, but here is the Victoria Beckham cover for Vogue UK, and I love the fact that it is showing a different side of her. Shot by Alasdair McLellan, this is the first un-posed look I have seen from the WAG-turned-fashion designer, and it really suits her.

Who would have thought Victoria Beckham could do a soft look cover? Well I didn’t, but it is refreshing to see, but I have to admit that I so glad that it still includes her famous pout. Lovely cover and I can’t wait to see the editorial spread inside tomorrow when I pick up my copy.

Bit of a difference from her Vogue UK debut in  April 2008, shot by Nick Knight, looking all glam. Think I prefer the February issue to be honest.

Pic: Vogue UK - April 2008