Christmas Wishlist: A Cute Bearbrick Barbie

Pic: Be@rbrick Barbie

I have to admit I have never seen Be@rbrick toys before, but then I saw this Barbie special and my interest peaked. Well Be@rbricks are collectible toys are designed by Japanese company MediCom Toy Inc, and the figure is an anthropomorphised bear with an extremely simplified form and a pot belly *which I love*. I get that it isn’t a traditional concept of a bear, it isn’t furry or cuddle, but hey I love this cartoon-style look bear.

I am a lover of all things Barbie, but I like this more because it is a little different, the added bonus is that it is in the famous Barbie colours and has her silhoutte logo on its chest. I must admit I haven’t had much look finding Be@rbrick Barbie in toy stores in London or online, except on eBay, where this beauty is $79.99 with $29.99 postage from Hong Kong. You know, I just think it is worth it *added to my Santa wishlist*.

What do you think do you like this plastic bear? Or maybe you are already a Be@rbrick collector – I must admit I think I am going to have to look into what other collaborations are out there.