Birmingham Shopping: Cow Vintage – Full of Delights

Pic: All about the presentation at COW

One of my favourite bits about my Birmingham shopping trip has to be finding this vintage store, Cow. I am not the best at rummaging for a bargain in a charity store, or even working the vintage markets, but I have heard great things from the vintage store with the bright yellow front! To be honest it didn’t take much convincing to check it out when I realised it was called Cow, as I am kinda obsessed by the four legged animals *not that there were any to be seen*.

I am not sure what I expected from a vintage shop, I think in my narrow-minded ways I was thinking it was going to be more jumble sale, but Cow is certainly not that. The Birmingham store is huge and greets you with cool vibes of 60s and 70s music, it really welcomes you into to its creative displays *see above*.

You can generally buy anything you could possible want here, there are racks of womenswear, accessories – including a great scarf section *I nearly fell in love with an YSL scarf, which was only £35*, and lots of bags; but there is also a dedicated menswear section *had some great chunky jumpers*. But best of all what Cow offered me were vintage items for current trends, I love the amount of capes they had, which were all more amazing than what the high street has to be offer.

Pic: Cow - I really loved this Mark Fast inspired jumper

I came away with two amazing knitwear pieces: a gorgeous butterfly embellished C&A jumper, I know C&A ruled didn’t it, and best of all it was only £5 and it is perfect, baggy and pink!!; and the other piece was a chunky black and white floral print cardigan – both excellent cover ups for this winter freeze.

One piece I was tempted with was this Mark Fast inspired red and silver jumper *above*, so well designed with different styles of knit and would have been tiny on me – but was gorgeous. That it is the beauty of Cow, there are so many pieces that I adored, I only had a short time here but I would definitely recommend it.