Shopping Frenzy: Forever 21 UK Launch

It has been a week of shopping introductions, first off the Danish womenswear label Vero Moda hits the capital, and now American fast-fashion Forever 21 is gearing up for its invasion.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch party and fashion show at One Marylebone, even the tube strike couldn’t keep me away. I am very excited about this brand launching into UK, the store in Birmingham’s Bullring opens on November 12 and I am hoping that some of the goodies are still there by the time I visit in December.

There were four key trends seen in the amazing fashion show, it was highly entertaining with models dancing, sitting on the runway and had the face of the UK launch Amber Le Bon opening and closing the show.

Hollywood Red Carpet:

Filled with glitz, glamour and the thrill of Hollywood, saw leopard, mink and other faux furs mixed with denim for LA style. A little tacky in its styling, but I liked its OTT approach, the faux furs are cute but I wonder what they feel like. I must admit I do think the raspberry bolero is going to be one of the things I try on.

British Pop:

This was the funniest section of the show, of course styled on the swinging sixties and inspired by Carnaby Street,  it was great to see the bright electric blues, hot pinks and canary yellow on the dancing models.

There was a focus on outerwear for this section. I am particularly in love with this yellow quilted belted mac, team with Miu Miu inspired shoes and cool heart tights (above).

I also want these three dresses below, I love the quilted sleeves, flower power graphic dresses and again the Miu Miu comes through with the flower appliques shift dress similar to the famous magazine cover dress.

Seventies Boho:

I know that my mum will love this section of the store; with its inspiration being drawn from the free-spirit ethos of the 1970s, and the culture of  the Apache and Navajo tribes coming through. I loved the maxi dresses and the high-waisted jeans, as well as the patterned crochet tops.

Street Edge:

This section of the show was a little scary, with a lot of the models wearing mesh masks over their faces, all very Lady Gaga. Generally though Street Edge is all about blacks and greys, studs, zips and lots of leather – and definitely not for me!

Overall, the show was amazing, creative and showed off the brand well. There were a few pieces I liked the look of, and a few on the other hand I thought were a little tacky. This brand is being billed as a cross between Topshop and H&M, but at times it seemed more Primark to me, which isn’t a bad thing as long as the price is right. We all know that in the US it offers fashion at a bargain price, it will be interesting to see if the importing changes this, I hope not *sadly price list wasn’t in the press pack*.

I loved the show, I loved the canapés and I love the after party in the basement. I would have however liked to have been able to get up close and personal with the clothes. If they had put some clothes on rails it would have helped, I am a touch-feely type of person when it comes to buying clothes, and I feel until I visit the shop I can’t give my true opinion on the brand.

No matter, I am still excited, and I have already bookmarked, which goes live when the shop opens on November 12. Pop on over and sign up for the newsletter and you get 10% off your first order.

*I also have the look book images to post and I will try and do that over the next few days*.

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