The Day Nicole Richie Came To Town

Ok not a normal Friday night for me, but I decided to take up stalking with my friends as one of our favourite Hollywood stars, Nicole Richie is in town to launch her Winter Kate clothing range.

It’s not every day Nicole Richie comes to town, and with a signing in Selfridges – surely it’s fate that we meet! So it’s Friday night, most peeps are off to the pub, but armed with my fav peeps from work we rush off to get an autograph with Miss Simple Life Nicole.

We get to Selfridges and we’ve already failed in our mission to become BFFs, apparently we needed a wristband which were given out earlier, this proves we’re not very good stalkers*.

What’s amazing though is how tiny she is, not overly skinny like the magazines portray, she’s thin don’t get me wrong but she’s also very short – these heels were definitely needed so she could be seen over the crowd.

Pic: Taken by the amazing Jen McKenzie

So only in town for a few hours, she had earlier been mobbed in France at a signing and she got through the crowds quickly – happily posing for pictures – but behind the biggest desk – no touching was allowed. Well unless you’re a small boy who got to jump the que for a personal photo. We even saw Samanda joining the line to see one of their idols – those 15 minutes of fame must nearly be up!

Pic: Jen McKenzie

But in true stalker* style we waited, taking long-lens snaps (well digital camera snaps x10 zoom), hovered by the end of the line and befriended a Selfridges manager. It all paid off as we happened to be the last peeps in London to get her signature scrawled over a Winter Kate postcard.

If you care to know, she loves London, yep the best question I could think of under the pressure – “do you like London?”. She happily posed for a pic – then we were shuffled away with Champagne as a reward.

We waited for her to leave just to see if she could actually walk in those massive heels – she did gracefully.

Overall, she was tiny, thin, sweet, stylish, a bit of a diva (which I liked), looks younger than she is, but most of all she seemed content – also her clothes weren’t half-bad!!

Nicole Richie Autograph

*Disclaimer: Please note I’m not a stalker…just an over excited fan of Nicole Richie and fashion!