Oct 30 2014

Wedding Inspiration: Brides In Glasses

vintage bride in glasses Wedding Inspiration: Brides In Glasses %tag

I have loved every minute of planning my wedding, which if you care is now less than a week away and there are only two more sleeps until I jet off to New York, but the one thing that has come up a lot is the question of whether I would be wearing my glasses on my big day, which I hope you will be pleased to find out – yes I will be!!!

Whether it was at a wedding dress appointment, picking out lipstick colours, or even just looking at venues, the amount of times I was asked if I was would be wearing my glasses was a little frustrating. What was even more annoying was the sad, pity look I got each and every time I said “of course, why wouldn’t I?”.

Why is it so weird for brides to wear glasses, are we less attractive just because we have poor eyesight? I thought the whole point about your wedding day was to look the most beautiful version of yourself, and to me if you wear glasses, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to rock a cute pair of frames. With the amount of times I was asked, it even made me wonder if I should try out contact lenses but thankfully my wonderful future husband said he loved me in my glasses and encouraged me to look for the perfect frame.

I can totally understand why many brides choose to either opt for contact lenses or even go blind for the photographs as there is a bit of pressure to be a princess bride, even Princess Mia had her glasses snapped in half by her stylist in her ugly duckling to beauty stunner transformation. But I really wanted to let other brides-to-be out there who are considering ditching their trusty frames to consider that your glasses are part of your beauty.

Don’t get me wrong I still sometimes get self conscious about wearing glasses, I am a girl after all it and it wouldn’t be normal not to fret sometimes about my appearance, but I have come to the conclusion that I don’t really look myself without my glasses. Plus I saw my wedding as opportunity to add another great set of frames to my collection, glasses are like bags you can never have too many.

glasses direct Wedding Inspiration: Brides In Glasses %tag

So when it came to choosing my glasses I knew that I would need to not only love them but also love wearing them with my wedding gowns, so I turned to Glasses Direct and their fab seven-day trial.

I first thought I wanted something clear, I think it was because I had everyone telling me not to wear them that I was thinking clear frames would make them some how invisible, they don’t, they just made me look weird. Clear frames totally work well as sunglasses but as opticals it just didn’t work for me. So in the end I decided to go for ones to match my hair as I really didn’t want to wear black frames on my wedding day.

The best advice I can give is go for frame shapes that you wear regularly, are comfortable in, and what suits your face, rather than what you think will work with your style. As I am wearing a vintage wedding gown it made me think vintage-inspired winged specs would be a good idea, instead it was an instant no, which I was so gutted about as I had found the most amazing glitter Miu Miu pair.

I finally settled on brown, a great shade for glasses as there are so many options to choose from, which made adding just four sets into my Glasses Direct home trial very difficult. So I went for similar shaped frames ranging in size, from the oversized Jil Sander beauties like a pair I wear everyday to the smaller, delicate looking Jones New York style, which just felt so good on and having our wedding location in the name just made them a complete winner.

I then wore all four frames with my gowns to see which one I prefered, which one enhanced my beauty, and I have to say the delicate Jones New York pair won out, which totally surprised me as I don’t normally like such small frames but they really did work perfectly and I can’t wait to wear them next week and become a bride in glasses.

If you are a bride-to-be wrestling with the idea of wearing your glasses or not, why not go for a free seven-day trial and see if the frames you love go with your dress and wedding vision, I bet you will be surprised by how much more like yourself you look.

glasses direct new york Wedding Inspiration: Brides In Glasses %tag

For more inspiration, or to just gush at gorgeous brides in glasses check out my Pinterest board, aptly named ‘Brides In Glasses’, which I promise that I will keep on adding to after I am married as I would love to see more beautiful women feeling confident enough to rock their favourite frames.

Follow Fashionista Barbie Danielle Wightman-Stone’s board Brides In Glasses on Pinterest.

[Pics: Top image - via vintagebrides.tumblr.com // all others Fashionista Barbie]

Oct 29 2014

Shopping: Ted Baker Royal Mint Pop-Up

Ted Baker Royal Mint FB Shopping: Ted Baker Royal Mint Pop Up %tag

Can you believe that everywhere is already starting to look a lot more Christmassy? I am a festive season junkie normally but this year my Christmas cheer has been put on hold a little due to a little thing called my wedding!!! However, I couldn’t but feel a little in the party mood when checking out Ted Baker’s amazing Royal Mint pop-up in Selfridges this week.

The enchanted space, complete with two gold horse guards, is open until January and it features everything that is sparkly, shiny, and bejewelled from gorgeous clutches to sleek shoppers and shimmering crystal jewellery. There were more than a few pieces that I fell deeply in love with including the exclusive gold shopper bag that comes with a matching pouch, the cute bow clutch bag, especially in dusky pink, and the chic faux fur accessories from gloves to gorgeous collars.

But the one piece that made my heart flutter the most had to be ‘Lela’ the crosshatch trapeze shopper, this beauty can basically carry everything, and I definitely think my gorgeous black one will be my go-to bag this winter.

The regal accessories pop-up is on the ground floor in Selfridges near the Duke Street entrance and as well as just going to spy what you want to add to your wardrobe there are also loads of goodies that you can pick up for your fashionable friends and family this Christmas.

Have you drop by the Ted Baker Royal Mint pop-up yet?

Ted Baker Royal Mint 2 Shopping: Ted Baker Royal Mint Pop Up %tag Ted Baker Royal Mint 7 Shopping: Ted Baker Royal Mint Pop Up %tag Ted Baker Royal Mint 1 Shopping: Ted Baker Royal Mint Pop Up %tag Ted Baker Royal Mint 3 Shopping: Ted Baker Royal Mint Pop Up %tag Ted Baker Royal Mint 9 Shopping: Ted Baker Royal Mint Pop Up %tag Ted Baker Royal Mint 5 Shopping: Ted Baker Royal Mint Pop Up %tag Ted Baker Royal Mint 8 Shopping: Ted Baker Royal Mint Pop Up %tag

[Pics: Top image - Fashionista Barbie // The rest - Ted Baker]

Oct 27 2014

My Style: A Flirty Asos Midi Skirt

my style asos skirt 3 My Style: A Flirty Asos Midi Skirt %tag

Lately I have been trying to embrace the midi skirt, being more ladylike, and trying, and mostly failing to sometimes leave the jeans in my wardrobe for a little rest, and I thought afternoon tea at the Laura Ashley Elstree Hotel was the perfect occasion to show of this incredible cobalt blue Asos skirt in woven crêpe.

I bought this beauty for fashion week and my regularly size was too big, which basically made me jump for joy, so it feels good showing off this gorgeous skirt in a smaller size, and actually thinking I look slim for a change. I think this has a lot to do with the skirt, it is super flattering, beautifully cut, and the woven crêpe material really does make it look and feel more expensive than its £30 price tag. It is a steal of a price and this skirt will be an autumn/winter hero for me as I think it will work just as well with tights and a chunkier knit.

As I wanted to show of the high-waisted fit I wore it with my lightweight grey knit, also from Asos, I promise I didn’t intentionally raid my wardrobe for a head-to-toe Asos look – it just happened. I love this jumper, as not only is it super comfortable and soft to the touch but it also has the most adorable lace hearts on the elbows. I do love little quirky touches, and in my bride-to-be craziness I just thought the heart made my look bridal, I know it isn’t but I have weddings on my mind!!!

Maybe it is the longer length to the skirt, or the flattering high-waist, or even the bold colour, but I just find myself actually liking not only the way I look, but also feeling how happy I am in these pictures – if that makes sense. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate on myself, well not all the time, but I am not the most comfortable in front of camera, I know crazy that I am a fashion blogger, but maybe, just maybe I am getting a little more confident about featuring my style, only taken me nearly five years!

So what do you think about this midi skirt?

my style asos skirt 4 My Style: A Flirty Asos Midi Skirt %tag my style asos skirt 9 My Style: A Flirty Asos Midi Skirt %tag my style asos skirt 5 My Style: A Flirty Asos Midi Skirt %tag

My Style: Midi circle skirt in woven crêpe, Asos // Grey jumper with lace heart patches, Asos (similar one here) // Glitterball heeled shoes, Asos (last season) // Izzy Satchel, Lulu Guinness (c/o) (similar one here) //  Glasses, Karen Millen (c/o) //

my style asos skirt 11 My Style: A Flirty Asos Midi Skirt %tag my style asos skirt 6 My Style: A Flirty Asos Midi Skirt %tag my style asos skirt 2 My Style: A Flirty Asos Midi Skirt %tag

** Thanks to Jaclyn aka Bumpkin Betty for taking my pics**

Oct 23 2014

Food: Baking With Betty Crocker

Baking Betty Crocker 9 Food: Baking With Betty Crocker %tag

Baking is one of my passions and stress relievers, and with less than two weeks until my wedding I have been keeping calm with lots of baking, thanks to a care package from Betty Crocker. I have such fond memories of baking with Betty’s quick and easy cake mixes, they really are super easy to create scrummy cakes that everyone will think you have slaved hours perfecting.

My favourite mix has to be the Devil’s Food Cake Mix, it really is chocolately goodness that only requires eggs, oil, water and icing, and surprisingly only takes 35 minutes to bake, add on the icing perfecting and you can have a professional tasting cake in less than an hour, which has been perfect for me to whip up between organising wedding items on my to-do list.

You can just do as the packet says and create a delicious chocolate cake topped with rich fudge icing or you can go wild like me an add in broken up Oreo cookies to the cake mix and on top for decoration. If you aren’t partial to Oreos why not add chunky bits of chocolate, chocolate chips, white chocolate chunks, or how about just going crazy with the decoration using Maltesers, Buttons or Smarties – basically any excuse to add a little bit more chocolate.

If like me you are watching your waistline, I need to get into two wedding dresses in less than two weeks, treat your workpals, neighbours and family members, as trust me everyone will be happy to eat these delicious cakes – my fiancé has become one very popular person at work.

Do you have any tricks to jazz up Betty Crocker’s easy-to-bake cake mixes?

Baking Betty Crocker 5 Food: Baking With Betty Crocker %tag Baking Betty Crocker 3 Food: Baking With Betty Crocker %tag Baking Betty Crocker 1 Food: Baking With Betty Crocker %tag Baking Betty Crocker 4 Food: Baking With Betty Crocker %tag Baking Betty Crocker 2 Food: Baking With Betty Crocker %tag

**Thanks to Betty Crocker for sending me loads of baking goodies**

Oct 22 2014

CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund: Reese Witherspoon In Oscar de la Renta

Reese Witherspoon OdlR CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund: Reese Witherspoon In Oscar de la Renta %tagWho: Actress Reese Witherspoon

Where: At the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Event that she co-hosted with designer Diane von Furstenberg  at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles

Wearing: A gorgeous blue and black floral Oscar de la Renta dress teamed with black and white Giuseppe Zanotti heels and a polka-dot L.K. Bennett clutch

Verdict: This dress is everything that Oscar de la Renta was all about, pure elegance, and I love it on Reese.

The dress fits her perfectly, the nipped-in waist of the fit-n-flare designs really does show off the actress’ amazing figure, and I love that the elegance is paired with Oscar de la Renta playfulness with the plunging neckline and fun print.

Completing her look with black and white heels was a good choice, but for me the crowning glory of her styling has to be her amazing old-Hollywood waves swept to the side and her dramatic cat-eye make-up, she really does look beautiful.

Reese Witherspoon has been on a real winner lately on the red carpet and this is another stunning look.

Do you love Reese’s tribute to the late fashion legend?

[Pic: courtesy of Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for CFDA/Vogue]

Oct 20 2014

Hitting Stores Soon: Eddy Anemian For H&M

HM eddy anemain 1 Hitting Stores Soon: Eddy Anemian For H&M %tag

H&M have a long list of designer collaborations, next month will be a certain Alexander Wang, which you will see everywhere, but for me all attention should be on the incredible Design Award winner Eddy Anemian who has created a gorgeous, elegant 10-piece capsule collection.

Inspired by Tilda Swinton’s character in ‘I Am Love’ and the work of French painter Ingres, the gorgeous line features a craftsmanship that you just don’t expect from someone who is still a fashion student at the visual art school La Cambre in Brussels and a high street name, the meticulous construction and texture of the pieces is going to surprise a lot of people, especially when the prices range from £19.99 to £215.

The pics don’t do the collection’s technique and textures justice, but the structures and abstract patterns have been intricately created by using cut floral upholstery fabric into strips to create the skirts, jackets, trousers and tops.

I am totally in love with the long yellow floral skirt constructed from vertical strips, as well as the blue floral jacket and matching trousers, and the gorgeous white skirt made from horizontal raw-edged ruffles to give the impression of the patterns found in marble. Simply divine and this is coming from a fashion student – imagine the greatness after a few collections under his belt.

If the bold pieces weren’t enough to get you excited, the collection also features a white jumpsuit with floral sleeves, a black heavy twill top, and a pair of white high-waisted trousers to provide contrast and the tailoring looks exquisite.

The collection launches in select H&M stores, as well as online, from October 23 and I can tell you now that I will be trying on that incredible maxi skirt.

Are you excited to see new talent like this getting exposure on the high street?

HM eddy anemain 4 Hitting Stores Soon: Eddy Anemian For H&M %tag HM eddy anemain 2 Hitting Stores Soon: Eddy Anemian For H&M %tag HM eddy anemain 3 Hitting Stores Soon: Eddy Anemian For H&M %tag

Oct 14 2014

London Film Festival: Jennifer Lawrence In Christian Dior

LFF Jennifer Lawrence 3 London Film Festival: Jennifer Lawrence In Christian Dior %tag

Who: Jennifer Lawrence

Where: At the premiere for ‘Serena’ during the 58th BFI London Film Festival at Vue West End n London

Wearing: A black tuxedo-style Christian Dior coat dress with a plunging neckline, teamed with Dior tribal pearl earrings and black Brian Atwood heels

Verdict: I am not going to lie I am very bored of the Jennifer Lawrence/Dior show, I love Christian Dior as much as the next girl but really does it need to be every appearance? But saying all that I adore this sexy tailored look, I know I am fickle for a sharp red carpet look!!!

I have an obsession with women wearing suits, especially on the red carpet, and this really takes that idea and makes it as sexy as hell with that deep plunging neckline. Also with all those other women in suit looks that I have adore the tailoring has been exquisite and this Dior wool coat dress has been tailored to perfection for her.

Finishing off her look with classic black heels was a great move, adds to the chic factor, if she had gone for bright accessories it just wouldn’t have made as much of an impact with me. I am also finding myself really liking those Dior tribal earrings.

I think this look is modern and chic – are you loving Jennifer Lawrence’s look as much as me?

LFF Jennifer Lawrence 4 London Film Festival: Jennifer Lawrence In Christian Dior %tag LFF Jennifer Lawrence 1 London Film Festival: Jennifer Lawrence In Christian Dior %tag LFF Jennifer Lawrence 5 London Film Festival: Jennifer Lawrence In Christian Dior %tag[Pics: courtesy of Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for BFI]


pixel London Film Festival: Jennifer Lawrence In Christian Dior %tag

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